Digital Displays

Choose Easy Promo TV and say Goodbye to printing a new sign each time you need to add products or adjust pricing!

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Traditional signs will never match the ability of digital displays to engage your customers and achieve an effective response. Digital signage is the best way to deliver a smart and clear message to your audience.

Let the pros at DNA design and produce digital content to market your offers on any digital display of your choice!  Allow Technology to work for you, modernize your look and bring life to your brand!

 (EPTV) is a reliable online cloud based software that is made by DNA and allows you to remotely change and edit production information within minutes from anywhere anytime.

Easy Promo TV (EPTV) TM creates and designs visuals to deliver content, and ultimately generate greater sales.

Our hardware options range from wall mounted digital monitors to free stand digital screen digital display units.

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Showcase your best sellers, let your audience notice them first!

Promote your current offerings, engage and inform your customers!

Advertise promotions and let your clients recognize the value in your product!

Schedule and edit your content, display the right product or service at the best featured time of your choice!

Enhance the look of your establishment make your brand stand out!

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