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Retail & Wholesale Specialty Business Software Solutions and Point of Sale Systems

With over 25 years of Retail and Wholesale business experience we obtained the knowledge and ability to build from scratch point of sale systems and inventory management software solutions that exceed the performance of any common market program ability in the U.S Market.

Already Have a POS?

We are experts in delivering add-on digital tools to your existing software. Our team specializes to suit digital custom tools to provide answers to your company needs that your existing software can’t provide. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.

Why Us?

We all know common software companies employ top dollar amazing programmers with impressive pricy platforms. The problem is none of them ever worked a whole shift on a cash register and they never had to re-stock merchandise out to the sales floor or never received 200 boxes off a truck and labeled them. They will never understand the roll of a store manager, sales associate, assistant buyer or a seasoned company executive like we do.
With our years of Retail and Wholesale business experience we have an absolute advantage knowing what your company needs are and exactly how to communicate this to our programing team.

It’s All About the Data

Common programs offer RAW DATA with long spreadsheets containing information of receivables, inventory levels, broad sales and lots of MACRO information forcing your team to export the data to another software and then spend hours “crunching” the numbers sorting and selecting the information required then spend more time formatting it all into a status report that Owners and Staff can barley read and use. Processing Data Slowly can become a waist of valuable time out of working days.

Our Solution

We can allow your team to spend valuable time ACTING ON DATA rather than waist hours retrieving it.
Time =Money, Our software provides valuable information in seconds, No More late nights processing reports on Excel. Letting someone inexperienced process your DATA and crunch your numbers may put you out of business.

The tools we tailor collaborate with your existing software data and provide you with information you really need. Our Software display status reports on a friendly easy to use dashboard providing graphs and pictures to assist your team to process the information and act on it efficiently and FAST. We master the process of AUTOMATED REPORTS and DIGITAL NOTIFICATION ALERTS to “buzz” when its time to act.
Our special Company Format is allowing us to offer an affordable and COST EFFECTIVE SERVICE

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